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November 7, 2006 Stock Pick: eFuture Information Technology, Inc. (EFUT)

Stock Price: $11.47

eFuture Information Technology, Inc. is a provider of integrated software and professional services for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, logistics companies and retailers in China's supply chain front market.

EFUT just went public on Wednesday of last week, November 1st. EFUT has traded between $6.75 and $15.93, making it a highly volatile issue.

EFUT is the first Chinese software company listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market. The company is trading at a market cap of only $17.21 million with an unaudited, diluted EPS of $0.43.

There are only 1.1 million shares in the EFUT float. EFUT is exciting and should move very quickly over the next several weeks.

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