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December 3, 2008 Stock Pick: EMCORE Corporation (EMKR)

Stock Price: $1.62

EMCORE Corporation is a leading provider of compound semiconductor-based components and subsystems for the broadband, fiber optic, satellite and solar power markets.

The solar sector has suffered and EMKR has suffered along with it, but we expect the solar sector to rise and become hot again. We believe EMKR is a real bargain right now trading at a market cap of only around $125 million.

EMKR is trading significantly below its book value of $3.74. EMKR has created a new concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology that holds a more efficient solar cell than those created by FSLR’s thin-film technology. EMKR could win a lot of new solar business with their new technology. FSLR has been a leader in the CPV space moving from under $50 to over $300 at one point.

If EMKR’s solar technology catches on, we could see EMKR become a major play from its current level. In the past, EMKR moved from the $4.00 level to close to $16.00.

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