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April 11, 2007 Stock Pick: etrials Worldwide, Inc. (ETWC)

Stock Price: $5.00 (short-term)

etrials Worldwide, Inc. is a provider of eClinical software and services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and contract research organizations. The company's software and services offer insight into all aspects of clinical trials, maximizing return on investment and accelerating time to market.

ETWC offers technology for the drug and medical industry. ETWC was recently selected by two European-based Pharmaceutical companies for Multi-Year trials. One of the trials is in pivotal Phase III.

A Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical company selected ETWC for an upcoming trial, the third consecutive trial this company has used etrials Worldwide. Total commitments exceed $1.5 million from this relationship alone for ETWC.

The drug and medical industry is showing confidence in ETWC's software and services. In turn, Wall Street will show more and more respect to ETWC.

ETWC has a solid chart with four steps higher in 2007. As of March, ETWC only had 4.20% institutional ownership. This leaves room for institutions to still move into ETWC. Insiders own 55.34% of the outstanding ETWC shares.

The company repurchased 123,700 of their common shares or $469,000 worth in the fourth quarter under their stock repurchase plan to buy back $1 million worth of ETWC shares. There are only 5.72 million shares in the ETWC float. Opinion: $6.50 within 1 - 2 months.

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