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April 22, 2005 Stock Pick: Fusion Telecommunications International (FSN)

Stock Price: $4.85

Fusion Telecommunications International is a provider of VoIP to, from, and in between emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. The company currently has activities in 45 countries.

FSN completed its IPO over two months ago on February 15th, shares were priced at $6.45 and within five days they jumped to $8.20. We believe FSN is now oversold and investors are trying to find a fair price for FSN shares. FSN will have high valuations because it is an exciting company in a hot industry, VoIP, and participating in the Asian markets.

Revenues for 2004 were $49.5 million with a net loss of $5.03 million. FSN could become one of the better VoIP plays if they continue to grow revenues and cut costs.

The company recently acquired 100% of Efonica, there should be strong cross selling opportunities for Fusion through this acquired brand.

Fusion is also going to expand the Efonica brand into Latin America, which is the hottest place for VoIP growth these days.

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