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January 8, 2007 Stock Pick: Gene Logic, Inc. (GLGC)

Stock Price: $1.67

Gene Logic, Inc. is a leader in drug repositioning and genomics products, software, and services. The company enables top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to make more informed, more reliable and more predictive decisions at each point in the highly complex and costly drug development process.

GLGC is trading below its book value of $2.38. The company has cash and short-term investments of $45.5 million as of their latest quarterly report on September 30, 2006.

On December 18th, GLGC sold its preclinical division for $15 million. GLGC is trading at a market cap of only $53.77 million.

We expect GLGC to easily see $2.00 in the very near future.

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