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November 4, 2005 Stock Pick: Generex Biotechnology Corporation (GNBT)

Stock Price: $1.21

Generex is engaged in the research and development of drug delivery systems and technologies. Generex has developed a proprietary platform technology for the delivery of drugs into the human body through the lining of the mouth.

GNBT has been on the move over the last month moving from the $0.70 level to as high as $1.51 on October 27th. Volume has picked up drastically and continues to hold as the investment community now sees the company as an bird flu play. Generex Biotechnology has appealed to interested U.S. senior senators for support to accelerate the development of a bird flu vaccine.

GNBT is risky with little revenue and net income loss quarter after quarter. However, GNBT has many eyes on it. NVAX, another bird flu play, has more revenue but is losing money quarter after quarter as well. NVAX is now market valued at three times that of GNBT.

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