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March 17, 2007 Stock Pick: Grill Concepts, Inc. (GRIL)

Stock Price: $6.95 (short-term)

Grill Concepts, Inc. owns, manages and licenses upscale casual and fine dining, full service restaurants under two core brand names: The Grill on the Alley and Daily Grill. The company operates five restaurants under The Grill on the Alley name and 20 under the Daily Grill name.

GRIL has grown revenue from $63.65 million in 2004 to $70.68 million in 2005 and on pace for over $76 million in 2006 as per the company's latest three quarters. GRIL has reported positive net income during three out of the last four quarters.

GRIL is currently trading at a market cap of only $44.43 million, which we feel is undervalued compared to the continual success of the company.

GRIL has built a strong chart since the beginning of 2007, reaching higher highs and higher lows. GRIL is set for another higher high.

The company is dedicated to building new restaurants and growing same store sales. Opinion: $10.00 within 1 - 2 months.

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