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January 31, 2005 Stock Pick: GuruNet Corporation (GRU)

Stock Price: $13.15

GRU is now at its 52-week high and up over 56% since our stock pick. GRU is ranked 8th on the list of largest percentage winners so far this year. GRU has the potential to become the TZOO or TASR of 2005 through their reference engine. was just launched January 3rd and the Wall Street Journal personal technology guru is already praising it: Unlike Search Engines, Answers.Com Responds With Data, Not Links. We expect traffic to close in on the ranks of One of the major generators of traffic for, other than the media coverage and buzz, is Google. Though a formal partnership has not yet been announced, Google's definition link in its search sends users to It appears as if Google has switched from to Amazon has already signed a deal to use through their search engine.

Lots of people are saying is the future of search engines. Even if this is not true, provides a great supplement to regular search.

The best part of GRU other than their groundbreaking product is its extremely low float of only 3.7 million shares. GRU is still relatively undiscovered yet look how much it has risen, just think when more demand comes into the picture in the very near future.

ASKJ,, currently has a market cap of $1.62 billion versus the market cap of GRU, $64.7 million. GRU has a product that can top

Expect major revenues for the company from advertising at

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