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February 9, 2005 Stock Pick: GuruNet Corporation (GRU)

Stock Price: $20.51

We originally first released GRU as a stock pick at $8.40 on January 14th Over the last two trading days, GRU dropped $8 correcting from its fast-paced climb higher, also 1.87 million shares were released after holders exercised their warrants.

There are now 6.44 million shares outstanding, over a 40% increase. This increase in supply could have easily caused GRU to fall as much as it did today. The good news is that the selling should be just about over and GRU shares have traded heavily over the $20 level circulating them into much stronger hands. The company raised $12 million cash from the warrants.

Forbes recently proclaimed "The Best Internet Innovation In Years". The company announced today through their conference call that they will continue to work with the media to spread the word. is now ranked 522 out of all websites. At the end of 2005, we expect many magazines to call the best technology of 2005. By that time, GRU could be over $100.

Just use It is apparent that their answer engine has tremendous use.

GRU still has a low market cap of $132 million compared to ASKJ at $1.4 billion. We expect traffic to exceed within the next two quarters.

The company stated during the conference call that advertising revenues were rising daily.

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