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February 28, 2005 Stock Pick: GuruNet Corporation (GRU)

Stock Price: $15.94

We originally first released GRU as a stock pick at $8.40 on January 14th GRU went to an all-time high of $28.50 on February 7th.

This is the fourth time we have released GRU as a stock pick in the last month and a half. We are confident this company will succeed with their ads based revenue model proven by Google, Yahoo, and lots of others. The niche their site is building is nothing short of amazing. 40% of searches are informational searches, many of these searches are starting to occur on as more and more people find out about the site.

Check out the latest Alexa daily reach chart and other traffic statistics. is one of the few search sites growing so rapidly.

Revenue numbers are due out in the near future that should alleviate some of the uncertainty out there right now. The most likely cause of the recent price drop is overall sector weakness, uncertainty of the revenue situation, and an overall correction was needed.

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