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April 13, 2005 Stock Pick: GuruNet Corporation (GRU)

Stock Price: $17.23

We have released GRU as a stock pick several times in the past most successfully on January 14th. GRU hit $28.50 on February 7th. We now believe GRU is oversold over the past three trading days and should start trending higher again.

GuruNet Corporation is the owner of the, answers not links engine. had its highest Alexa rank of all time today, ranked #293 of all websites on the Internet. This is after a huge drop in traffic over the past few days that may have caused GRU to fall.

This company is extremely exciting and already has a huge following, we do not expect it to be held at this level for long. It may be best to trade this company on the swings being that it is really volatile. GRU is becoming quite the momentum stock, similar to TZOO.

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