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Monday, July 16, 2018 Stock Pick

Stock Price: $231.44

Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. engages in global investment banking, securities, and investment management, which provides financial services.

GS is a well-known extremely high-end financial services company with a brand to match anyone in the high-finance business.

Brand is going to come into play as the wealthy look to generate returns from the extremely hot cryptocurrency market place. Where will the wealthiest of investors and institutions turn? Likely to a brand like Goldman Sachs.

In April of this year, Goldman Sachs made its first hire by enlisting Justin Schmidt, a former trader, to be the first leader of its digital assets markets in Goldman Sach's securities division.

GS has expressed that their clients are interested in digital products and are currently exploring how best to serve them. This means cryptocurrencies. ICOs raised $5.6 billion in 2017. Startups are bypassing the IPO route and even the Venture Capital route now that companies can crowdfund with ICOs.

GS is currently an $85 billion company, but they have significant growth ahead if they can become the leader in the cryptocurrency investment banking space.

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