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October 19, 2005 Stock Pick: Goldfield Corp. (GV)

Stock Price: $1.07

Goldfield Corp. is a leading provider of electrical construction services in the southeastern United States.

The company has been selected to help in the clean up effort and restoration of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Their main task is to identify and remove electrical hazards to permit clearing operations to be performed safely.

GV is just becoming discovered by the investment community and appears to be undervalued. Assets exceed liabilities by a 5:1 margin and stockholders equity is at $19.8 million with 25.5 million shares outstanding. GV has a market cap of only 27.3 million.

Revenue for the most recent quarter was $9.47 million with net income of $573,000. GV traded over 1 million shares yesterday, we expect more shares to be traded over the next few days. $1.30 is easily attainable over the next few days.

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