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January 16, 2008 Stock Pick: Goldfield Corp. (GVHR)

Stock Price: $6.26

Gevity HR, Inc. and its subsidiaries provide human resource (HR) management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. The company offers payroll administration services, such as administrative processing, W-2 preparation and delivery, tax processing and payment, paid time off processing, health and welfare plan processing, time and attendance service, and payroll and HR-related reports services.

GVHR has grown revenue from $585.48 million in 2004 to $608.79 million in 2005 to $647.96 million in 2006. Net income has been strong between $34.61 million and $37.37 million.

Based on GVHR’s balance sheet from September 30th, 2007, GHVR has a book value of $5.03. The company was cash flow positive on an operating basis last quarter and for full year 2005 and 2006.

Tax season preparation is upon us and GVHR helps small to mid-sized businesses with tax processing and other needs. GVHR is priced favorably in light of current valuations.

GVHR stock price recently reached $9.23 before correcting and we believe the second leg of the uptrend has just begun.

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