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September 7, 2004 Stock Pick: GameZnFlix, Inc. (GZFX)

Stock Price: $0.036

This is the third time we released GZFX as a stock pick. The first stock pick of GZFX was on June 9th when it was at $0.129 a share and most recently at $0.087. The company continues to release PRs on its aggressive advertising campaign.

It appears that the online game and video rental company has finally bottomed out at current levels. GZFX's chart is shaping up for a run above $0.10 or higher.

GameZnFlix offers its members the best value compared to their two main competitors, Blockbuster and NetFlix. Now, GameZnFlix has to strengthen their brand name to a level high enough to compete. They have already signed the "Dell Dude" and released the commercials on Fox.

As mentioned in an earlier stock pick, GameZnFlix plans to advertise during the Super Bowl. Recently, they announced more details regarding the spot. It is a 4th quarter spot, the spot historically with the highest ratings. The company expects traffic to increase drastically as a result.

The company is also beginning its affiliate program expected to be complete by mid-September.

The next six months are going to be very important to whether this company makes it or becomes lost in the shuffle.

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