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October 23, 2006 Stock Pick: HyperSpace Communications, Inc. (HCO)

Stock Price: $1.75

HyperSpace Communications, Inc. through its subsidiary MPC Computers, provides enterprise IT hardware solutions to mid-sized businesses, government agencies and education organizations. MPC offers standards-based server and storage products, along with PC products and computer peripherals, all of which are backed by an industry-leading level of service and support.

HCO is too hard to ignore after it keeps showing up on investor radar screens. HCO is acting very bullish again with strong, quick moving short-term upside potential ahead.

HCO is trading at a market cap of only $21.15 million in an industry that we expect to flourish over the next few years with the release of Windows Vista next year. HCO has a strong backing and it shows with its volatile swings to the upside.

HCO also has a tendency of ignoring technicals and moving strong into overbought territory. HCO is a high risk, quick reward play.

There are only 6.04 million shares in the HCO float.

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