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August 19, 2005 Stock Pick: HiEnergy Technologies, Inc. (HIET)

Stock Price: $0.64

HiEnergy Technologies, Inc. is a nuclear particle detection technology company focused on the commercialization of its initial proprietary, neutron-based, "stoichiometric" sensor devices. Company technology includes the CarBomb FinderTM 3C4, a vehicle-borne system, for the detection and identification of car bombs, and the SIEGMATM 3E3, a portable suitcase-borne system for the detection and identification of home-made bombs, also known as Improvised Explosive Devices or IEDs.

HiEnergy's technology has practical applications against terrorism and use in Iraq. The company recently demonstrated its counter-terrorism solution at the International Bomb Technicians and Investigators In-Service Training Conference.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority purchased two of the SIEGMA(TM) 3E3 explosive detection systems from HiEnergy Technologies.

HIET has strong support at current levels and will move higher on news.

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