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January 5, 2006 Stock Pick: The Hallwood Group Incorporated (HWG)

Stock Price: $80.00

The Hallwood Group Incorporated is a holding company with businesses in textiles, energy, real estate and hotel operations. The company's energy holdings are involved in drilling, gathering and the sale of natuaral gas in Johnson County, Texas and surrounding counties.

This an interesting find and for that matter undervalued to an extreme. Right now, HWG is trading at a P/E of 1.89 with net income last quarter of $28.94 million. HWG's 52-week high is $159. The one problem with this company is that they rarely release press. However, the numbers speak for themselves.

HWG has 500,000 shares in its float and 1.51 million shars outstanding. 56.41% of the shares are held by insiders and 13.7% held by institutions. HWG can be volatile with only half a million shares in the float especially when volume hits the stock. Another problem with this stock is that no one is trading it right now, so that is keeping it so undervalued. For those with patience, this is a tremdous play. HWG is currently yielding 7.19% to keep investors happy while waiting for those capital gains.

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