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July 25, 2005 Stock Pick: ICTS International N.V. (ICTSE)

Stock Price: $2.25

ICTS International N.V. specializes in aviation security consulting and other transportation including trains. Products include advanced passenger processing systems that include biometric components, enhanced travel document verification and authentication, smart cards and matching against numerous databases.

ICTSE is another homeland security play, these stocks continue to move higher after being down significantly from their highs last year. The company recently presented its modular railroad and public transportation security solutions at the UITP expo. This after the company announced entering into the railroad security business on May 3rd.

ICTSE could be the next TBUS and experience a strong jump higher in the near future. It's down from its July 12th, 52-week high of $3.55. Volume has been above average over the past two weeks.

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