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March 9, 2006 Stock Pick: Internal Hydro International, Inc. (IHDR)

Stock Price: $0.38

Internal Hydro International, Inc. is an alternative energy company that developed a clean energy power system. The company's technology utilizes waste water, fluid or gas flow from any source to create electricity.

IHDR currently has a market cap of $22.60 million. The company just put out a revenue projection of $23.45 million by the second quarter of 2007. This could be revised upwards depending on how many Energy Commander units the company sells.

Momentum traders have really jumped into IHDR, then let it fall. Now, IHDR is at a good buying point for another run high.

Longer term, IHDR plans on issuing dividends based on recurring income from its unit sales. Tax credits will be rewarded to Internal Hydro due their product's energy conservation characteristics.

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