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May 17, 2004 Stock Pick: Injecto-Matic Systems International, Inc. (IJMS)

Stock Price: $0.59

Injecto-Matic Systems International, Inc. recently acquired the world wide marketing and distribution rights to an all natural mosquito repellent system, Mosquito Pro Shield, developed by BHG Bio-Tech. Before the deal with BGH Tech, Injecto-Matic Systems was a supplier of pest control products. Now, Injecto-Matic Systems is concentrating its efforts on developing and acquiring products such as the Mosquito Pro Shield for world wide distribution.

The West Nile Virus is poised to make a return for the third summer in a row. Experts predict that mosquitos will spread this disease and others such as Dengue Fever throughout America. CNN: U.S. poised for epidemic West Nile year. To combat the problem, Injecto-Matic has developed Mosquito Pro Shield. Mosquito Pro Shield creates a 30x30 foot bite-free zone using innovative scent technology. In real outdoor tests the Mosquito Proshield created a 90% reduction in mosquito landings.

A half hour infomercial is being developed as well as 60 and 120 second television spots. This initial advertising campaign is scheduled for June 17 and expected to reach at least 10 million US homes with broader plans to follow.

The company has inked a $2.5 million deal with direct distributor Limitless Investments Inc. giving them exclusive distribution rights for Texas, Ohio, Florida and Ontario, Canada.

There are 19 million shares outstanding and 4.7 million in the public float. IJMS could become the top West Nile Stock play of the summer.

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