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November 6, 2006 Stock Pick: Iomed, Inc. (IOX)

Stock Price: $1.80

Iomed, Inc. is a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing active drug delivery systems used primarily to treat acute local inflammation in the physical and occupational therapy and sports medicine markets. The company is pursuing opportunities to advance its position as a provider of quality, innovative non-invasive medical products that improve patient healthcare.

IOX is at a volatile bottom right now in its chart. The company just received a favorable ruling on their anti-inflammation product.

IOX has a book value of $1.42 and cash of $8.42 million on the balance sheet. IOX is trading at a market cap of only $13.68 million.

The company reported operating cash flow of $967,000 for the most recent quarter and net income positive of $0.01 per share. Assets outnumber liabilities by a ratio of 6.82 to 1 with long-term debt of only $393,000.

IOX has little downside with strong support at $1.60.

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