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December 1, 2004 Stock Pick: IPIX Corporation (IPIX)

Stock Price: $6.41

IPIX Corporation offers mission-critical imaging including surveillance for the protection of life and property. They are involved in homeland security offering the government and military surveillance solutions.

IPIX has been trending sideways as of late and is now at the bottom of its current trend. IPIX has a history of running huge on homeland security news. We would be surprised if IPIX did not run to over $10 within the next couple months.

The company has total cash and short term investments of $20.1 million. Though the company is still not generating major revenues, they have homeland security solutions that the government is very interested in.

IPIX was mentioned by Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge in the past. Tom Ridge just resigned his post. The incoming Homeland Security Secretary may take an even more serious look at IPIX now that it is on the radar.

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