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July 9, 2004 Stock Pick: IPVoice Communications, Inc. (IPVO)

Stock Price: $0.48

IPVoice is in the business of continuously launching new, emerging communication technologies.

This is the third time we have released IPVoice Communications, Inc. as a stock pick. IPVO ran to as high as $0.69 and has since channeled back down.

There are events in the near future that could make IPVO go up much more than its recent 25% bounce. First of all, IPVoice is in the process of acquiring Logicorp, a company that will double IPVO’s revenue run rate to over $40 million. This acquisition is expected to close by the end of July. The company is also working on acquiring a wireless Internet service provider with close to $15 million in revenues.

We also believe IPVoice is close to announcing the details of the spin-off of Xiptel, their ‘Pure-Play’ VoIP service subsidiary led by former Qwest COO Peter Geddis. IPVoice shareholders will receive shares in Xiptel. IPVoice will retain the service and support contract for Xiptel.

IPVoice’s name change to NewMarket Technology, Inc. is imminent as well as a symbol change and listing on a major U.S. exchange.

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