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January 13, 2005 Stock Pick: ISCO International, Inc. (ISO)

Stock Price: $0.41

ISCO International is a leading supplier of interference-control and other RF processing solutions for the wireless telecommunications industry.

Wireless operators use this company's solution to improve call quality and power next generation services. Their family of products is known as the RF(2) platform, which has received over $2 million in orders expected for delivery in the first quarter of 2005. News of this success from the RF(2) platform sent the stock from the $0.25 level to its current level. More news of RF(2) platform orders could easily send this stock above $0.60 in the short term.

ISO has run from even lower levels in the past to above $1.00. A similar run would not be out of the question as the wireless industry continues to heat up this year.

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