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March 21, 2006 Stock Pick: Insite Vision, Inc. (ISV)

Stock Price: $2.07

InSite Vision is an ophthalmic company focused on developing therapies that treat ocular infections, glaucoma and retinal diseases. InSite Vision's lead product is AzaSite, which targets infections of the eye.

InSite's lead product AzaSite, targeting bacterial conjunctivitis in the eye, just finished phase three clinical trials. Results met primary and secondary efficacy end points.

AzaSite is a better solution than the comparable ophthalmology antibiotic products on the market. AzaSite reduces dosing frequency which can lead to improved compliance, greater patient convenience, and better therapeutic outcomes.

The company plans to submit a new drug application form to the FDA in the first half of this year. Insite Vision will move on expected partnership news and the promise of sales from AzaSite in 2007. Sales of 100 million would not be out of the question from AzaSite in the first 12-15 months of launch.

ISV has been in a strong uptrend increasing over 100% since the beginning of the year. Volume has continued to be there for ISV.

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