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Wednesday, September 27, 2017 Stock Pick

Stock Price: $5.99

IZEA, Inc. operates online marketplaces that facilitate transactions between marketers and content creators. Its technology solutions enable the management of content workflow, creator search and targeting, bidding, analytics, and payment processing.

IZEA is a mini-Veritone (VERI) of sorts with both companies involved in helping marketers better navigate the marketing landscape concerning a company's brand. Both companies use AI engines to do so. IZEA trades at a market cap of approximately $34 million while VERI trades at a market cap of slightly over $1 billion now. VERI was a stock pick of ours over the weekend with VERI climbing from our pick price of $56.28 to over $70 in less than 3 trading days.

IZEA has an AI product dubbed "CurationEngine". It uses machine learning to process millions of pieces of content and render judgements on social media influences. Machine learning is the hottest area of computing going right now. IZEA has been working towards this for the past 11 years.

The company also just announced that they have received a seven-figure renewal of one of their contracts with a Fortune 500 financial services company. Also signed were contracts in excess of $250k with a Fortune 500 media company. Both of these are significant as it shows the company has major sales traction and can generate both new and return business.

The company also indicated in a press release that they will be announcing Q3 bookings on October 10th, 2017, so this is a major catalyst ahead. IZEA has just started to be discovered and smoked higher the last four days, but the upside ahead is potentially very significant from here with IZEA trading at a market cap of only $34 million in a very hot space right now.

Speculative Score: 1

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