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January 7, 2005 Stock Pick: Kenilworth Systems Corp (KENS)

Stock Price: $0.20

Kenilworth Systems Corporation has been a publicly traded company since 1968 and owns the patents and patent pending rights for Roulabette(TM). Roulabette will enable subscribers to digital satellite and cable television in Asia to bet as they watch live, in-progress casino table game action.

We believe the company will soon begin a press release campaign. Lots of eyes are on KENS similar to back in February when it rose above $0.45 after it broke $0.20. Volume has really begun to pick up over the past week as the price has increased from under $0.13 to $0.20.

Their technology is strong and looks as if it will make a major splash. Look for a major partnership with a casino in the future.

KENS is a pink sheet stock. We expect it to make it onto the bulletin board exchange in the near future.

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