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June 26, 2007 Stock Pick: Kewaunee Scientific Corporation (KEQU)

Stock Price: $13.55

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation designs, manufactures, and installats scientific and technical furniture. The company's corporate headquarters and domestic manufacturing facilities are located in Statesville, North Carolina with subsidiaries in Singapore and Bangalore, India that serve the Asian markets.

KEQU just reported fiscal year 2007 results with revenue coming in at $81.44 million and net income of $1.54 million or $0.62 a share. Last year, KEQU generated cash from operations of $8.7 million.

KEQU is a quiet company just now becoming discovered. The company was chosen last year to provide and install laboratory furniture and fume hoods for the Olympic testing laboratory in Beijing, China for the 2008 Summer Olympics. KEQU has an order backlog of $51.1 million.

KEQU is trading at a market cap of only 33.77 million. KEQU has room to move higher from its current valuation. There are only 1.46 million shares in the KEQU float.

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