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December 7, 2005 Stock Pick: Kitty Hawk, Inc. (KHK)

Stock Price: $0.86

Kitty Hawk, Inc. is an air freight shipper that serves as the holding company for its two wholly owned subsidiaries, Kitty Hawk Cargo and Kitty Hawk Aircargo. The cargo holding operates as an independent city-to-city scheduled freight network serving selected cities in the continental United States and Canada, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.The other holding primarily provides airfreight transportation services to the cargo holding.

This company just announced adding seven major metro areas to its new ground freight operation. The plan is to build a ground freight network of 46 cities by the first quarter of 2006. This is a logical move for Kitty Hawk since they were already into shipping and the ground shipping industry is only growing. This new business synergy will add to the company's revenue and eventually profits.

Revenue for the third quarter was $40.7 million with a minimal net loss of $0.4 million. Right now, KHK is trading at a market cap of $43.27 million and trading at only .28 times trailing twelve month sales. Prospects look strong for a move higher in 2006 for KHK. At the beginning of this year, KHK held at the $1.40 level for more than three months.

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