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March 3, 2006 Stock Pick: Knockout Holdings, Inc. (KNOH)

Stock Price: $0.13

Knockout Holdings, Inc. is a marketer of George Foreman's Knock-Out(TM) line of environmentally friendly cleaning products. The company just changed its business model to focus on commercial and individual customers.

KNOH is a bulletin board stock with a market cap of only $1.56 million. What makes this company less of a risk is George Foreman. The George Foreman grill sold over 55 million units. George Foreman himself made over $150 million from its sales.

On February 8th, the company released its plans to market George Foreman's Knock-Out(TM) and the stock moved up 281% from $0.11 to a high of $0.42 on 733,600 shares traded. A similar move would not surprise us after its next press release. Entry price can make all the difference when entering in a stock like KNOH and $0.13 is the price to get in.

We expect KNOH to close some major distribution deals in the near future involving its Knock-Out(TM) line. KNOH moves quickly with its float of only 4 million shares.

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