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March 28, 2006 Stock Pick: Leading Brands, Inc. (LBIX)

Stock Price: $2.77

Leading Brands, Inc. is engaged in beverage bottling, distribution, sales, merchandising, brand development and management of beverage and food products throughout North America. Their brands include TrueBlue®, LiteBlue(TM), TREK® Sports Drink, Soy2O®, Country Harvest® Juices, Caesar's® Bloody Caesar Cocktails, Brand X Originals®, Infinity(TM) Sparkling Mountain Spring Water and Cool Canadian® Mountain Spring Water.

On January 13th, LBIX reported revenue of $9.56 million, a 35% increase over the same period last year. Net loss came in at $551,000 due to increased spending on sales and marketing.

This company has some strong brands including TrueBlue®. The company just partnered TrueBlue® with Bloomingdale's and 29 of their stores nationwide.

LBIX moves extremely quick with only 954,250 shares in the float. Yesterday, 1.33 million shares traded sending the stock to as high as $3.35 before closing at $2.77.

LBIX has really broke out over the last two trading days. We don't expect this trend to stop. This stock is coming onto everyone's radar.

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