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April 11, 2005 Stock Pick: Lexar Media, Inc. (LEXR)

Stock Price: $4.40

Lexar Media, Inc. makes flash memory chips and storage cards used in digital cameras, MP3 players and cell phones. The company also markets a variety of connectivity products that link its media products to personal computers and other electronic host devices.

Lexar Media is the company that was recently awarded close to half a billion dollars in its patent case against Toshiba. The total sum was $381.4 million, yet their market cap is still under this amount at $350 million.

The company lost $63.3 million during the fourth quarter, but they recently received $60 million from private placement and are expecting the Toshiba award. This award could be delayed if Toshiba decides to appeal the court's decision.

There is a May 16th post trial hearing stemming from the Toshiba case. Good things could come out of this hearing.

The company has a seperate case due up next year against Toshiba.

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