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June 27, 2007 Stock Pick: Lumera Corporation (LMRA)

Stock Price: $4.53 (short-term)

Lumera Corporation operates in the nanotechnology industry. The company designs proprietary moleular structres and polymer compounds for the bioscience and communications/computing industries.

LMRA has been in a pattern of leveling out at higher levels since early May. LMRA is now in its third such bottom. The last two times LMRA has bottomed it has surged higher.

The company has $24.1 million in cash and investments. The company is trading at a market cap of only $90.85 million. There are only 11.22 million shares in the float with 27.62% of the float short.

LMRA has spiked huge in the past. The situation is right for LMRA to spike again.

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