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September 11, 2006 Stock Pick: Luna Innovations, Inc. (LUNA)

Stock Price: $3.60

Luna Innovations, Inc. researches, develops and commercializes innovative technologies in molecular technology and sensing solutions. Luna accelerates the process of bringing new and innovative products to market. Since its inception, Luna has successfully developed products for the energy, telecommunications, life sciences and defense industries.

LUNA went public on June 2nd of this year at $6.00 and hit a high soon after of $6.66. LUNA is a volatile nanotech stock near its 52-week low of $3.37 with only 4.82 million shares in the float.

We believe LUNA is significantly undervalued compared to other nanotech stocks. The company is working on several exciting products. Several products are already generating revenue.

LUNA's move lower opened up a buying opportunity for the short-term.

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