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August 11, 2004 Stock Pick: Mad Catz Interactive (MCZ)

Stock Price: $0.55

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets a range of accessories for video game consoles and most recently portables such as the Apple iPod. The company's main brand has been GameShark, a video game enhancement.

Mad Catz Interactive came out with a press release a week ago announcing their plan to ship iPod accessory starter kits this fall. The kit includes a FireWire/USB cable for music transfer and charging, an automotive power adapter, and a carrying case. This development and hopefully more to come should diversify the company.

The company's many products in the game space include GameShark 2, Xbox Live Pad, HipCom Wireless Headset, MicroCon Wireless Control Pad, Zombie Pad, Light Blaster, Universal Disc Repair Kit, and others.

Annual sales for 2004 were $102.1 million with net income of $1 million. The company is conducting an aggressive cost cutting campaign and plans to maintain profitability while the next generation game consoles are released through 2005/2006.

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