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March 27, 2007 Stock Pick: Man Sang Holdings, Inc. (MHJ)

Stock Price: $10.30

Man Sang Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries (Man Sang Group) are one of the world's largest purchasers and processors of Chinese cultured and freshwater pearls. The Man Sang Group is principally engaged in the purchasing, processing, assembling, merchandising and wholesale distribution of pearls, pearl jewelry and other jewelry products.

MHJ broke out in its last session climbing $0.67 to $5.73 or 13.28%. MHJ is not overbought and could have two or more days worth of gains ahead.

MHJ is similar to JADE, another jewelry stock based in China. We released JADE as a stock pick over two years ago at $2.59 and it recently reached a high of $12.64. JADE is currently trading at a market cap of $182.22 million and a PE of 36.86.

MHJ is trading at a market cap of only $36.58 million and a PE of only 16.19. Although generating less revenue than JADE, MHJ is still significantly undervalued. This could make MHJ just as valuable as a long-term play.

The last time MHJ made a move like today, the stock climbed 30.5% to a high of $6.93 on February 23rd. Opinion: $7.50 within 2 - 3 days.

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