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May 24, 2007 Stock Pick: MIVA, Inc. (MIVA)

Stock Price: $5.04

MIVA, Inc. is an online advertising and media company that operates across the US and Europe. The company has two distinct divisions: MIVA Media and MIVA Direct.

MIVA Media offers Pay-Per-Click Ads across both vertical and contextual networks. MIVA Direct offers display and toolbar advertising solutions and focuses on the development and monetization of consumer sites.

MIVA drives traffic to sites and in our opinion offers a better value proposition than Google and Yahoo search marketing. Site owners and investors alike are finding out about MIVA.

MIVA has been consistently reaching new 52-week highs lately. Volume has been at a whole new level the last four trading days. MIVA is becoming discovered.

One of the company's caveats have been their operating expenses; however, MIVA recently decided to outsource certain service, development and support functions. The move includes 50 job cuts and an expected savings of millions of dollars.

With search engine stocks heating up again, we expect MIVA to receive a significant amount of attention and become a long-term player in the industry. Opinion: $16.00 within 6 - 12 months.

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