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July 14, 2005 Stock Pick: NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (NEOM)

Stock Price: $0.445

Neomedia Technologies, Inc. develops technologies that link print and physical objects such as products to the Internet for processing. The company has developed a patent portfolio covering the convergence of the physical world and the Internet, one of its main patents being PaperClick for Camera Phones.

NEOM just formed a double bottom and is beginning to act bullish once again. NEOM has been one of the highest flying stocks on the bulletin board this year moving from the $0.25 level at the beginning of this year to a high of $0.75 on May 3rd. NEOM was recommended by in the past on the same page as NMKT with three other Micro Cap stocks.

This is a risky play, but should be lucrative in the very short term. Right now, NEOM has a high market cap of $200 million while the company had revenue of only $1.7 million last year. The future potential of their technology is huge, life changing in fact, explaining the high valuation and volatility.

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