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May 4, 2006 Stock Pick: Nitches, Inc. (NICH)

Stock Price: $5.08

Nitches, Inc. is a designer and marketer of quality apparel for niche markets. The company offers men's casual lifestyle clothing by Newport Blue, men's golf apparel by The Skins Game, women's sleepwear by Dockers, women's western wear by Adobe Rose and Southwest Canyon as well as Designer Intimates just acquired by Nitches.

NICH is currently trading at a market cap of only $20.59 million on the Nasdaq. Net sales for the second quarter came in at $12.3 million, up 89% from the same period last year. EPS came in at $0.01 versus a loss of $0.15 for Q205. Based on trailing six months revenue results, NICH is trading at only 0.38 times sales. NICH is significantly undervalued considering its sales and profitability growth.

NICH has 4.05 million shares outstanding and only 2.24 million in the float. NICH has been in a downtrend, but has now reached support and should quickly return to the $8.00 - $9.00 level. NICH is severely oversold at $5.08. We expect NICH to turn the corner today.

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