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August 28, 2008 Stock Pick: InPlay Technologies, Inc. (NPLA)

Stock Price: $1.60

InPlay Technologies markets and licenses proprietary emerging technologies through two divisions: FinePoint and Duraswitch. FinePoint Innovations is a developer of pen computing products for tablet PCs and computer peripherals. Duraswitch focuses on electronic switch technologies for commercial and industrial applications.

NPLA reported Q2 revenue of $2.55 million, up 48% from Q1 this year. NPLA is showing strong sequential growth with the company's strongest quarters still to come. Revenue has grown strong year over year from 0.76 million in 2003 to $1.75 million in 2004 to $6.56 million in 2005 with net income of $668,000.

NPLA is priced low right now with a market cap of only $18.40 million.

NPLA has $1.62 million in cash and $0.4 million in restricted short term investments with no debt on the balance sheet.

NPLA just reversed out of oversold territory. We expect NPLA to start a strong upwards trend in September and close out the year on a strong note.

NPLA is relatively undiscovered at this point in time. There are only 6.84 million shares in the NPLA float.

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