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October 14, 2005 Stock Pick: NetScout Systems, Inc. (NTCT)

Stock Price: $5.40

NetScout Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of network and application performance management solutions. NetScout's nGenius Performance Management System is helping more than 3,000 leading companies increase their return on infrastructure investments.

NTCT is another stock that is beginning to slowly work from its bottoming pattern. The last time NTCT leveled like this was last year at this same time, the stock later hit its current 52-week high of $7.89.

NTCT has a strong balance sheet with $83.8 million in cash and short term investments. Assets exceed liabilties 4.8 to 1.

In terms of profits, this time of year has been very strong for NTCT compared to other quarters. Right now, there is a 10.6% short interest on 21.4 million shares in the float.

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