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January 19, 2006 Stock Pick: On2 Technologies, Inc. (ONT)

Stock Price: $1.32

On2 Technologies, Inc. is a video compression technology firm. The Company has developed a technology platform and video compression/decompression software (codec) to deliver video at the lowest possible data rates over networks and the Internet to devices such as set-top boxes, personal computers, and wireless and other devices.

This company is involved in an industry expected to become hot. The CES in Vegas seemed to be dedicated to the media industry and video carried through lines onto computers and then onto the tv and other media centers including cell phones. We believe ONT has been running in anticipation of the heat up within the industry.

On2 has technology for video transfer (encoding/decoding) onto the Mac, PCs, and cell phones. If video transfer is going to become popular on the web, it has to be compressed for smaller file size and quicker transfer, this is what On2 is good at and demonstrated at CES.

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