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February 10, 2005 Stock Pick: OpenTV Corp (OPTV)

Stock Price: $2.95

OpenTV Corp. is a provider of software, content and applications and professional services for interactive and enhanced television. The company develops and manages branded television channels, offers applications that enable viewers to engage in commerce transactions, retrieve information and engage in other interactive services such as fixed-odds gaming through their televisions.

There are a few things that are going to drive OPTV higher over the next two months. First, patent litigation with Liberate Technologies is expected to be resolved in the near future. This stems from OpenTV suing Liberate Technologies over patent infringement back in 2002. Second, the company just helped build the first interactive television shopping application for Dish Network and Sharper Image. This shopping network will be a money maker. Third, more and more consumers in the U.S. are adopting higher-tier cable services. The international market has been strong for OpenTV and is expected to spill over into the United States. Fourth, gambling will make a splash onto televisions especially in Europe through OpenTV's BettingCorp, acquired in 2003.

OPTV hit a bottom recently and should jump nicely above $4.00 in the near future. has been following OPTV heavily and continues to recommend it to their members.

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