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November 29, 2005 Stock Pick: OraSure Technologies, Inc. (OSUR)

Stock Price: $13.28

OraSure Technologies develops, manufactures and markets oral fluid specimen collection devices, diagnostic tests, and other diagnostic products using its proprietary technologies. Its devices are used for insurance risk assessment, substance abuse testing and forensic toxicology applications, as well as oral fluid Western blot HIV-1 confirmatory test.

This company has been receiving substantial attention as of late and reported its highest volume day today, over a span of seventeen months. This comes on the heels of OraSure reporting record third quarter revenue of $18.1 million and net income of $3.8 million, or $0.08 per share. Net income improved from a loss of $294,000 for the same period last year. The company is running high on its OraQuick® ADVANCE(TM) rapid HIV-1/2 antibody test and Intercept® oral fluid drug test.

This company's products have tremendous potential in the battle field against AIDS and drugs. Best of all, the product is just beginning to catch on and the company is in talks with the FDA to sell its HIV tests over the counter at places like Wal-Mart for at-home use. The product is already approved by the FDA for professional use. This would allow OSUR's revenues and profits to soar drastically. OSUR could become the next TASR and reach a $2 billion market cap. Right now, OSUR has a market cap of $604.6 million.

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