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December 28, 2005 Stock Pick: Ocean West Holding Corp. (OWHC)

Stock Price: $2.00

Ocean West Holding Corp. operates, a wholly owned subsidiary with a groundbreaking mobile lifestyle network for any mobile telephone or wireless handheld. AskMeNow is the easiest way to get virtually all the information found on the Internet from your cell phone.

OWHC is a similar company to, both operate answer engines. For the latest quarter, the company reported revenue of $753,000 and a net loss of $985,000. Aside from the poor financials at the stime, AskMeNow has strong potential like

OWHC exceeded $5.50 in early October and sank to the $2.00 level before recovering to $2.75. OWHC is now back down to support at $2.00. At one point, OWHC was a seven cent stock. OWHC has a market cap of only $51.47 million. ANSW has a market cap of $82.85 million, while OWHC is generating greater revenue.

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