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February 28, 2007 Stock Pick: Pointer BabyUniverse, Inc. (POSH)

Stock Price: $5.96

BabyUniverse, Inc. is an Internet content, commerce and new media company in the pregnancy, baby and toddler marketplace. The company owns several Web sites including four e-commerce sites, two content sites and a new media site known as

POSH has grown revenue from $8.84 million in 2003 to $14.27 million in 2004 to $23.70 million in 2005 with 2006 revenue on pace to possibly reach $35.82 million. POSH is trading at a market cap of only $33.89 million.

The company recently launched a social networking site at dubbed as the YouTube (TM) for Parents. This site and the company's recently inked relationship with are major catalysts for POSH.

POSH is becoming discovered and at the right area in its chart. Officers in the company purchased large amounts of POSH shares last year.

There are only 2.63 million shares in the POSH float.

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