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April 27, 2006 Stock Pick: Patch International, Inc. (PTCH)

Stock Price: $1.90

Patch International, Inc. is a junior oil and gas producer earning oil revenue from a participation interest in 20 oil wells. The company has property in the heart of the Alberta Oil Sands.

Our first oil sands stock pick, SOIGF, is up 25.93% today to $6.75 up 141% since our stock pick on April 3rd at $2.80.

On April 10th, PTCH added three leases to its Alberta Oil Sands portfolio. PTCH recently ran to as high as $4.00 on March 28th. It appears oil sand stocks are becoming hot again and PTCH is signaling a bullish reversal from its recent down pattern.

What many may not know about this company is that they currently have an unrealized gain of $7.729 million in Pharmaxis (PXSL) stock. Last year, the company liquidated $5.01 million worth of their Pharmaxis holdings. Total assets for PTCH at the end of February 28, 2006 came to $13.24 million. Total liabilities stood at only $2.22 million. PTCH Form 10-QSB

This company has $4.55 million in cash on the balance sheet. As of February 28th, there were only 13.77 million shares outstanding up from 11.29 million the year before. PTCH is trading at just 2.42 times its book value.

PTCH could become a much better sand oil play than even SOIGF. PTCH will trade up quickly.

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