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May 4, 2006 Stock Pick: Pyramid Oil Company (PDO)

Stock Price: $6.50

Pyramid Oil Company explores for, develops, and sells crude oil and natural gas. Its current operations are primarily in the Bakersfield, California area.

PDO recently split 3:2 and beginning to drive higher on heavy, increasing volume the past three days. PDO traded as high as $8.20 today before closing at $6.50, up 23.81% from the open.

The company has been experiencing tremendous drilling success as of late including one new well now flowing in excess of 100 barrels a day. This well is also producing natural gas. This success comes after the company reported net income of $1.09 million for 2005 on revenue of $3.47 million. This is up from net income of $611,902 on revenue of $2.67 million in 2004.

PDO is sitting at a market cap of only 16.21 million with only 2.49 million shares outstanding. PDO is just beginning to become discovered and could move much higher in the next few trading days. Monday could really be the big day after word spreads of PDO over the weekend.

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