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February 23, 2005 Stock Pick: Paystar Corporation (PYST)

Stock Price: $0.0044

PayStar Corporation provides its distributors and clients with a suite of prepaid, stored value products, national bank load center locations and Kiosk marketing and management. The company's GLOBALCash, Inc. distributes prepaid ATM debit and stored value cards that can be used just like regular credit cards.

PayStar is continuing to rapidly build out its distribution network. We expect the company to start generating major revenues from their GLOBALCASH cards for the credit challenged. Their plans are finally unfolding after over two years of work.

There are over 200 million shares outstanding and the company still has virtually no revenue. There is something brewing; however, PYST is a risky stock to invest in. Those who take the risk could be rewarded by PYST in the long run.

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